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Mr. Padmashri Milkha singh

I visited Ayurveda Spa and I was there for one hour. It’s a good experience and they are doing good job.

My best wishes are with them

Mr. & Mrs. Rajeshwari Sagar From Tanzania and UK

Great treatment, great service. 11 days of being truly looked after by Dr.Jinesh & his team and all staff@ kensville

Ms.Satya Miller from US

You are a fantastic team of talented professionals! Thank you for your care and kindness, you have all been so wonderful during my time here. I appreciate all you have done for me and feel blessed to have become a part of your family for a short period.

I am so grateful for the quality of treatment and care you have all exhibited but also for your friendships and the opportunity to meet you all.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for working with me with such a assiduousness and care. Your level of receptivity is an incredible and a gift not every one has.

I cant Being to express in words my appreciation for your effort and ability to understand my constitution, me as whole and my sensitivity,

Thanks for every thing,

Thank you for your medical support, friendship, kindness,

Thank you for helping me to feel at home and welcoming me in as part of this family you have here created here at Kensville Ayurveda.

Om shanti Santi Shanthi

Blessing and Love,


Ms. Priya Amlani from UK

What a wonderful experience. I came with a lot of expectations and every single one was surpassed from the treatments food. The whole team is friendly, respectful and very knowledge. Dr. Jinesh makes the whole process very easy. From the very first contact to last day he continue to serve with all the amazing knowledge and experience he has. Everything is personalized tweaked along the way as needed. Not only I am going physically relaxed, I am going away mentally and spiritually up lifted.

I will be back with the family soon. Thank you every single one of you and to my 3 favourite ladies Swapna, Anu and Biji. The kitchen staff and the Hotel staff have all team. Thank you.

Mrs. Geetha Rajan from Kerala (Living at APM Terminals, Pipavav, Gujarat)

Had treatment for lower back ache and shoulder. The treatment was as usual excellent plus the new set of staff made it a fabulous experience. Meditation in morning and evening with Sujith was an added bonus to the treatment. The food as promptly delivered on tine unlike last visit. Only one problem this time I experienced was that of my driver’s stay. It was unexpectedly steep, Rs. 1000 per night.

Ms. Panna Patel from Nairobi, Kenya

Enjoyed the stay. Clean and well maintained with good staff and v.good doctor.

Mr. & Mrs. Rakesh Rao (Group CEO, Crown Paints K Ltd) from Nairobi, Kenya

It was a awesome experience of treatment and hospitality with intense care and guidance. Keep it up and all the best.

Mrs. Kirti Patel from Nairobi, Kenya

Most wonderful and unforgettable experience for 21 days with Dr. Jinesh and Ayurveda staff namely Blesy, Sapna, Nidu, Sujith, Jinto and Roby. They provide excellent professional treatments. Good food and good service. I will definitely come back.

Ms. Reshmi Raja from Nairobi, Kenya

A 21 day of most amazing blissful experience. I received most wonderful treatments for the body and soul. Special thanks to Dr. Jinesh & Every member of Ayurveda. Every moment is going to be a blissful memory. It has given me strength for the future.

Mr. Srinivas Katikithala I.A.S. from Gandhinagar

The exposure of the system of Ayurveda through detailed discussions with learned and caring Dr. Jinesh and his team of therapists-Jinto, Sujith and Robbie; and its practical application in surroundings of Kensville, is a true life changing experience.

I cannot only appreciate service and professionalism enough. I have written an article on my experience, which is available at www.katikithala.in

Mr. Munir Mehta From Ahmedabad

Excellent. The way they pin point the problem and then remedies.


Mrs. LARIVIERE Dominique From France

So good and rich experience!
Such laughing together when we learning French and Malayalam.
Such good and sweet care of me… sure I will come back again.
Dr.Jinesh was like my son.

Mrs. Chandan Shah from UK

World class Ayurvedic centre, following with spirituality, divinity, serenity and peace lead by knowledgeable and professional Dr. Jinesh.

Mr. Arun Shah from UK

Very professional excellent and analytic approach to care of patients.

Mr. & Mrs. Alnashir Popat, Nairobi, Kenya

I wish to take this opportunity in thanking you most sincerely for your time, patience and dedication in treating all of us. We were all very impressed with the way you handled all our treatments and really appreciate what you did for us.

Patient from French Guiana, south America

After a week in ahmedabad city to find the best place for an ayurvedic cure, it was fabulous to discover Kensville! the pack is ideal for rest and meditation. Rooms are specious and comfortable after 20 days for treatment my back and neck pain disappeared. The therapists are experienced, thanks to them, thanks to Doctor Jinesh who has kindness and great skill and listing to his patients. We feel him the love for his job.