Healing Environment Toggle

Some more factors at Kensville which are conducive to an optimum healing environment -

Fresh Air

The green spread around the Kensville Ayurveda center ensures the availability of fresh and uncontaminated air in plenty which is essential for the healing process

Personalized Care

"Athithi devo bhava" is a traditional Indian concept which means “guest is god”. At Kensville Ayurveda, we endeavor to give you personalized care. The Ayurveda physician and his team of dedicated therapists are always available to attend to your every need

Simple vegetarian Food

During the treatment process, we advise the use of simple vegetarian food which is easy to digest. The less the stress on the digestive system, the better the healing process. The food at Kensville Ayurveda is personally prescribed by the Ayurveda physician based on the individual medical need